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Regular Paying Markets

Latest markets and freelance/job opportunities update

Email: Salha Mishann

"Today's Caregiver Magazine goes out to professional and family Caregivers, and is on the web. We are looking for poetry and bits of humor. It is our preference that these writings come from Caregivers themselves, but if they are applicable, we will consider anything we recieve. We have had several inquiries from other media sources regarding the use of the material printed in the magazine. This is a wonderful vehicle for getting exposure. Query by Email."

Technical Writers for High Technology Market Research Studies

Off-Site (Telecommuting) Contract Writing Assignments.
Typical Duration: approx. 12 weeks.

An international publisher of technical/economic evaluations of advanced technologies, market forecasts, and industry newsletters, is seeking seasoned writers who are capable of preparing complete, self-contained technical/economic market research reports discussing select components of any one of the following industries: biotechnology, chemicals, healthcare, banking, technical ceramics and advanced materials, electronics, energy, flame retardancy, food/beverage, Internet, telecommunications, membranes/separations, plastics, packaging, waste, water, and air treatment, and allied industries. In addition to having a broad knowledge of their chosen industry, the successful applicant must be able to meet a very tight publication deadline and adhere closely to finished copy format requirements which are supplied by the publisher. Minimum requirements for these contract assignments are a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field.

Applicants should send a copy of their resume, list of publications, and a brief cover letter identifying the industries/technical areas of their greatest interest to: Technical Writing Position, BCC, Inc., 25 Van Zant St., Suite No. 13, Norwalk, CT 06855; e-mail: bcc3@ix.netcom.com ; fax: 203/853-0348. No phone calls, please.

Applicants can also view BCC's Web site at http://www.buscom.com for an informative look at the Company's current areas of research interest.

Contact: Elizabeth McHugh

I'm a Literary Agent looking for good Nonfiction proposals/mss in the following categories: Business/Investing/Careers, Medicine/Health, Alternative Medicine, Parenting/Family, Lifestyle, Education, Military History, Multicultural, YA, General Nonfiction. In the Fiction area: Old-fashioned Mysteries. Query by e-mail.


Business writer/editor: The National Institute of Business Management in looking for free-lance authors and editors to prepare book-length reports. Knowledge of management issues, taxes, finance or employment law required. Experienced writers/editors only.

FAX or send cover letter and resume to: Dept. KS
1750 Old Meadow Road, #302
McLean, VA 22102-4315
FAX (703)905-8042


Nashville Banner is looking for, 'a hard-htting technology and media writer for the business section...daily coverage of technology, telecommunications, tv, cable, radio, and local regulatory authority in competitive market. Weekly column also possible.' Send resume/clips to:

Tim Tanton, Business Editor
1100 Broadway
Nashville, TN 37203
Email: ttanton@nashvillebanner.com

Regular Markets

4330 Georgetown Square, Suite 506, Atlanta, GA 30338.
Phone: (770)454-7599
Fax: (770)454-7699
Editor: Peggy Middendorf

60% freelance. Aimed at expectant parents and new parents. Circ. 30K. Bimonthly. Responds 3-6 months. Buys first N.A. rights. Reprints accepted. Pays on publication. Sample $2. Subscription $12. Guidelines by mail with SASE.

NEEDS: "Down-to-earth articles. Spell out a problem. Tell us how to solve it and offer some resources. We are also looking for hands-on crafts and other projects." Pay varies for 900-2,000 words. Submit query or complete ms.

PHOTOS/ART: Photos with article accepted. Photocopy of photo is okay for submission.

HINTS: "We will not accept articles with quotes from experts from one region only unless it is Atlanta. We get many good articles in but can't use them because they only quote experts in their region."

P.O. Box 70, Hendersonville, NC 28793
Phone: (704)696-3838
Fax: (704)696-0700
Email: backhome@ioa.com
Editor: Lorna Loveless

70% freelance. A down-to-earth, how-to magazine whose primary purpose is to help people gain more control over their lives by doing more for themselves. Circ. 26K. Bimonthly. Buys first N.A. serial rights. Reprints occasionally accepted. Pays on publication. Publishes ms. average of 3 months after acceptance. Responds 4-8 weeks. Sample $4. Subscription $18.97. Guidelines by mail with SASE, or by e-mail.

NEEDS: Interesting, lively, preferably first-person articles based on actual experience in the fields of gardening, home construction and repair, work shop projects, cooking, crafts, outdoor recreation, family activities and vacations, livestock, home business, home-based and other education, and community/neighborhood action. Pays $25 per printed page, for 500-5,000 words. Submit query or complete ms. by mail with SASE.

PHOTOS/ART: Color prints or slides, b/w prints. Pays $20 per photo.

HINTS: For future issues, needs "articles on owner-built homes, shop projects, and alternative energy experiences. Query first if possible. We will consider any article that helps readers improve the quality of life - for themselves, their families, communities and environment."

P.O. Box 130596, Edmond, OK 73013-0001
Phone: (405) 348-5591
(no phone queries or e-mail submissions, please)
Email: ByLineMP@aol.com
Managing Editor (fiction/nonfiction): Kathryn Fanning
Poetry Editor: Betty Shipley

Monthly magazine for working writers with articles covering all areas of the craft and business. Also publishes poetry about writing or the creative experience, one general-interest short story each issue, and humor connected with writing. ByLine sponsors a regular slate of contests with cash prizes. 80% freelance. Strongly encourages submissions from new writers. Circ. 3,500. Monthly (11 issues/year). Pays on acceptance. Buys first N.A. serial rights. No reprints. Responds 4-6 weeks. Sample $4 (guidelines and detailed contest listings are provided with sample). Subscription $20. Guidelines at website, or by mail with SASE.

NEEDS: Feature articles on focused areas--how to write better, sell more, especially sell to certain market areas, etc. Pays $50 for features of 1,500-1,800 words; $100 for short stories of 2,000-4,000 words; $35 for End Piece essays; and $10 for poetry (or $5 for poetry less than 5 lines). Pays $0.04-0.05/word for shorter departments (see guidelines). Submit query or complete ms. for features; complete ms. for all others. Note if the piece is aimed for a specific department, or if it is a simultaneous submission.

PHOTOS/ART: None, except with Great American Bookstores! department; see guidelines. Pays $10. HINTS: "Most common error among new writers is the failure to study the magazine and comply with guidelines. No matter how wonderful your manuscript, if it doesn't fit who we are, what we do, and the lengths we need--we can't use it. We're quite writer-friendly and willing to share information, but all editors (at all magazines) expect writers to do a bit of homework on their own."

THE SILVER WEB, A Magazine of the Surreal
P.O. Box 38190, Tallahassee, FL 32315
Phone: (904)385-8948
Fax: (904)385-4063
Email: annk19@mail.idt.net
Editor: Ann Kennedy

100% freelance. Publication featuring fiction, poetry, art, and thought provoking articles. Works with new writers. Semi-annual. Buys first rights. Accepts reprints. Pays on acceptance. Publishes ms. 9 months after acceptance. Responds 6-8 weeks. Sample $7.20 ($7.95 outside US). Subscription $12; $14 outside US. Guidelines by mail with SASE, or by e-mail.

NEEDS: Works ranging from speculative fiction to dark tales and all weirdness in between; specifically works of the surreal. Fiction: See hints below. Non-fiction: Interviews with writers, poets, artists, etc. Satire and humor also invited, and they love Letters to the Editor. Pays: $0.02-0.03/word for fiction to 8,000 words; $10-50 for poetry; $5-10 for fillers. Pay negotiable for non-fiction. Also pays 2 cc's. Submit query by mail with SASE or by e-mail. Complete ms. accepted by mail with SASE only (must be under 8,000 words or it will not be read). All mss. must be in standard ms. format. PHOTOS/ART: Separate guidelines for artists are available. Most work is assigned, but accepts some unsolicited filler art. Pays $10-20/story illustration; $25-50/cover.

HINTS: "The Web is looking for well-written work that is unusual and original; stories that are too bizarre for mainstream publications but that do not fit the standard mold of genre. The preference is for stories that develop out of character rather than fiction based on ideas. No traditional story lines; no vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches, fairies, elves, dragons, etc. No high fantasy, sword & sorcery, or quest/adventure stories. And please, please, PLEASE no revenge stories. Open to submissions from January 1 through September 30. Poems must use standard poetic conventions, whether free verse or rhyming. As indicated for fiction above, no genre clichés."

Hysteria Publications/ Rose Communications
P.O. Box 8581, Bridgeport, CT 06605.
Phone: (203)333-9399
Fax: (203)367-7188
Email: laugh@hysteriabooks.com
Lysbeth Guillorn, Editor.

Hysteria Publications and Rose Communications are affiliated publishers. Hysteria Publications publishes paperback books and calendars in four categories: women's humor, parody, spoof, and parenting. Rose Communications publishes gift books in paperback and hardcover in three categories: women's voices, women's spirituality, and useful to women's voices. In addition, they publish a monthly e-mail humor magazine that includes a humor story, a quote and, in the web version, a vintage photograph on different themes throughout the year. Works with new writers. Books are distributed on a national level. Publishes during Spring and Fall book seasons (calendars are listed as Spring titles). Buys all rights to books, one-time rights for pieces included in collections and mss published electronically. Pay negotiated individually. Publishes book average of 9-24 months after acceptance. Buys one-time rights for short pieces included in collections as well as pieces published electronically. Accepts reprints. Responds 6-10 weeks. Catalog for e-mail or mail request. Guidelines by mail with SASE, e-mail, or at website.

NEEDS: Manuscripts that have a message of social change while being funny (Hysteria) or supportive of women's expression (Rose). "We are positive, and don't do male-bashing. We are looking for positive books on our roles in relationships, aging, and other topics relevant to women's lives." Payment negotiated in contract. Submit complete ms (preferred) or proposal and sample chapters with SASE. If writers desire return of manuscript, cover letter must say so, and SASE with enough postage must be included.

HINTS: "We recommend that writers read guidelines and also our books in the categories for which they would like to submit. The categories are outlined fully in our guidelines."

Ladybug Press
751 Laurel Street, #223, San Carlos, CA 94070.
Phone: (415)591-6212
Fax: (415)591-1123
Email: georgia@ladybooks.com
Georgia Jones, Editor.

100% non-agented. Publishes books of interest to women, including a wide range of non-fiction topics -- no self-help. All titles include a charitable element from either royalties or profit, or from a combination of these. Works with new writers (see their website for a gathering area for writers). Publishes 4-6 titles/year. Buys N.A. book rights. Responds 2-3 weeks by e-mail, 1 month by mail. Guidelines by mail with SASE, or at website. NEEDS: Book length mss on aging, sports, and other non-fiction titles of interest to women. Pays 15% royalties. Submit query by mail with SASE or by e-mail.

PHOTOS/ART: Submit samples with submission.

HINTS: "The best marketing advice is to write with a market in mind and then look for a publisher that is reaching that market."

New Moon: The Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams
P.O. Box 3620, Duluth, MN 55803-3620.
Phonw: (218)728-5507
Email: newmoon@newmoon.duluth.mn.us
Barbara Stretchberry, Managing Editor.

25% freelance. An international magazine for every girl who wants her voice heard and her dreams taken seriously. With girl editors ages 8 to 14 and girl contributors from all over the world, New Moon celebrates girls, explores the passage from girl to woman, and builds healthy resistance to gender inequities. Works with new writers. Circ. 30K. Bimonthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms 6 months after acceptance. Responds 9 months (the 20 member Girls Editorial Board reads each submission). Sample $6.50. Subscription $25; $30 in Canada; $37 other. Guidelines by mail only with SASE.

NEEDS: Looking for freelancers to research and write stories for theme-specific issues or departments. New Moon departments include: Her Story (stories of women's past achievements); Women's Work (articles about careers); Science Side Effects (articles about science); Global Village (stories of girls from around the world); Fiction (stories that portray strong, confident girls); Body Language (articles relating to girls' and women's bodies, development, and health); and Earth to Girls (articles about the environment). New Moon is also looking for general stories about girls and women doing whatever they do, ordinary or extraordinary. Keep in mind that New Moon is multi-cultural and diverse in its images and stories of girls and women, and is looking for stories about all kinds of girls and women. New Moon's main mission is to help girls stay true to themselves and feel proud to be a girl. Pays $0.05-0.12/word for 300-1,200 words. Submit query or complete ms by mail with SASE.


HINTS: "Please read New Moon to understand our style and tone. Do not be condescending or preachy to girls in your stories. We are looking for clear, fun pieces that all kinds of girls will respond to. Remember that the Girls Editorial Board picks all stories for publication."

Parents' Monthly
8611 Folsom Blvd, #A, Sacramento, CA 95826.
Phone: (916)383-7012
Fax: (916)383-7091
Email: parentsmonthly@family.com
Carolyn Moore, Publisher.

100% freelance. Magazine on parenting of children to age 12. Works with new writers. Circ. 55K. Monthly. Pays on publication. Publishes ms average of 2 months after acceptance. Buys first rights. Reprints accepted. Responds 30 days. Sample for e-mail, phone, fax, or mail request. Subscription $12 ($30 outside US). Guidelines available by mail with SASE or by e-mail.

NEEDS: Articles addressing the parenting of children up to age 12. Pays $25 for 600-1,200 words; $15 for less than 600 words. Submit complete ms by mail with SASE.

PHOTOS: Color or b/w prints.

HINTS: "We are currently looking for political writers/reporters to research and report on (both the pro and con) legislation pertaining to parents' rights, children's rights, education, religious freedoms and other political topics impacting the family. Do not query. Send complete ms."

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