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Check your internal editor at the door, 'cause in my column, we're not goin' there! The only places we're visiting are destinations of creative celebration. Writing was never meant to be a chore -- it was designed to allow singing of the soul. So put up your blue pencils, take out those feather quills, and let your Muse be your guide!

Devoted to the art of writing stories and books for children. Authored by Laura Backes, publisher of Children's Book Insider, the newsletter for children's writers.

Hot surfing tips, the smartest sites on the Net, and other valuable information to help writers and others leverage the Internet's resources.

International markets, job opportunities, networking, free online courses and much more!

A quiet relaxing place with candles, incense, and music. Find a comfy spot, drink your favorite brew and read about the artistry of the poet.

Insights, shortcuts and preventative maintenance tools to assist writers in keeping their computers trouble free. Troubleshooting a computer should not consume large amounts of your time when writing is your primary occupation.

Choosing a writing book is like choosing a piece of candy from a box of chocolates - until you find the kind you like, there's a lot of half-eaten candy and partially read books lying around. This column hopes to change that by offering one writer's opinion on what's good on the shelves. Caramel, anyone?

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